Bold Jewelry for Him: Introducing the Beleco Men’s Collection

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Posted on October 08 2020

Bold Jewelry for Him:  Introducing the Beleco Men’s Collection - Beleco Jewelry


When it comes to jewelry for men, the options are endless, from cuffs to chains and materials like sterling silver, titanium or gold - it’s all a matter of personal preference. This is why here at Beleco we like to stick with sleek, simple and stylish pieces that pack a big punch - but don’t break the bank. But where do you start?! In this article we discuss three easy ways to introduce jewelry comfortably into your wardrobe (...or your boyfriend’s)! 

Start with a staple

Do you take yourself as more of a daily necklace wearer or do you feel more comfortable rocking a stylish cuff? Think of what feels more YOU. Also factor in things like where you work and how your jewelry will fit seamlessly into your day-to-day life. For those that work with their hands a lot, say in a trade, perhaps a necklace is more appropriate so it’s out of the way, or maybe you had a grandfather that used to wear a cuff and that’s something that resonates with you? Start small and work-up from there, before you know it you’ll be introducing more pieces and styles into your collection and maybe even layering them for more impact! See our blog post here for more styling tips! 


Custom Coordinates Cuff Bracelet For Men's

Make it personal: 

This season the big theme is jewelry that makes a statement or has a personalized touch. Like the always fashion-forward monogrammed necklace or bracelet. But why not try something new and more au currant, like our custom coordinates cuff bracelet? We love how modest, yet sentimental a piece of jewelry like this can be and yet is still perfect for daily wear. Personalized pieces also make a fantastic gifting option for your sweetheart, friend or family member. A great segway for adding jewelry to your day-to-day: make it meaningful


name necklaces for men


Don’t be afraid: 

In this day and age, there are no limits when it comes to fashion … and jewelry is no exception to this rule! Try integrating a subtle piece of jewelry into your daily look and see how it can take your ensemble to the next level! The simplest little accessory can take a basic jeans and t-shirt look and refine it into something that’s chic and sophisticated. We love a classic look of a boxy chore coat over a basic white t-shirt and carpenter jeans, accented with a sleek gold chain and a cuff bracelet for a very on-trend, street-style. No matter how you style your jewelry, don’t be afraid to stand out.


Custom Men's Name Bracelet

So men, dare to be bold, and with these three tips try integrating a piece from our new Men’s Collection into your accessory rotation! We’d love to see how you style your Beleco jewelry, men! Tag us in a post @beleco_jewelry we’d love to show our followers!

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