About Us


Hey there, welcome to Beleco Jewelry!

At BELECO, we take a personal approach to not only design, but customer service. You could say we are all about personality, personalization and personability.

All of our handmade jewelry is made from top-notch materials and is full of fun, flare and a playful attitude towards life and style. We love to experiment with different typography styles, create unique takes on classic pieces and show off our expertise in silver, gold plating and engraving.

We believe that every person deserves a unique piece of jewelry, just for them or for their loved ones. This is why we love to offering personalized pieces that allow anyone to become part of the design process - making the final jewelry piece that much more meaningful. Through our eclectic collection and then free-wheeling customization, anyone can get what they truly want (and look great doing it!)

To put a cherry on top, our customer service standards are top-tier. We not only offer a 1 year warranty, but also a 100 day return policy. Our delivery is speedy, our team is friendly, and we genuinely just want to get you the best (sparkliest and specialist) piece of jewelry you could want.

✨Keep Shining ✨
-The BELECO Team