How to maintain your jewelry?

Fine and qualitative jewelry should be preserved in order to last for a long time. However, in order for this to happen, we recommend that your jewelry will  not be exposed to high temperatures, moisture, body oils and chemicals that may damage the product. Whether you like to keep the same jewelry or like to change to new jewelry regularly, in order for it to be useful and lasting, we recommend the following:

  • Remove the jewelry before you shower, bathe in the sea or in the pool.
  • Remove the jewelry before exercising. If it does come in contact with sweat, wash and dry thoroughly.
  • Remove the jewelry before cooking, washing dishes and washing hands.
  • Avoid cleaning materials, bleach, paint, or any other chemicals near your jewelry.
  • Wear your jewelry only after applying body lotions, splashing perfume, hair spray and other cosmetics and avoid splashing directly on your jewelry.
  • Remove your jewelry before going to bed
  • Clean the jewelry with a soft cloth.
  • Be sure to clean your jewelry very delicately once in a while with a toothbrush, using warm water and a little soap. Dry well with a soft towel.
  • Store your jewelry in a separate jewelry box to avoid scratches from other jewelry.
  • Necklaces are better kept in a straight, folded or hanging position, in order to avoid ties
  • Be sure to keep your jewelry in a closed box and in a dry place.


We strongly recommend that you to stick to those instructions, so you can ensure that the quality and brilliance of your jewelry will be maintained over time. Also, please consider the following information:


.   Metal jewelry will not become rusty, but it can get scratched and therefore it is recommended to separate it from other jewelry. 

  • Gold plated jewelry tends to get dirty and slightly changes color.
  • Silver jewelry tends to turn black.
  • Pure gold jewelry keeps very well, but it has a tendency to become dirty after a period, so it is important to keep it clean.

We guarantee that our recommendations are simple and easy to follow and the results are worth the effort.