100-DAY RETURN Policy


At BELECO, we take a personal approach to not only design, but customer service. This is why we offer a 100 day return policy as well as a 1 year warranty on our products. Please make sure to read our policies below to learn the few exceptions we have regarding warranties and returns.

Two important details that need to be considered right off the bat are:

  1. It is your responsibility to ensure that the spelling for any engravings are correct as well as the color, dimensions and any other details regarding your order. 
  2. The policy begins from the date of delivery.



Here’s what our 100 day refund/exchange policy accounts for:

  1. Undue wear and tear of product.

The paint or top coating is chipping and rubbing off. Birthstones have disappeared. The chain is broken. This is no longer the item you fell in love with. Notify us via email within the 100 day period of any aesthetic blights or disrepair and we’ll hop to getting you a new one, something of equal or lesser value or your money back. 

    2. We sent the wrong stuff, damaged stuff or incorrectly personalized stuff.

Wait a second...this is not my grandma. These studs are missing their backing! My name is spelled with one ‘L’ not two...and I’m sure I got that right when I sent in my deets with the order. If we have messed up (we are human after all), please let us know and we will get you a refund or exchange within 15 days of you reaching out.



While we appreciate you may absolutely adore your BELECO jewels and wear them on the daily, much of the natural wear and tear of life and love is not covered by the 100 day return policy, as well as pieces that have been customized and made especially for you, and more.
Here are all the details of what’s not covered:

  1. Items which have been updated, resized, repaired or customized to your heart’s desire.
  2. Items which have been exposed to oxidizing or harsh chemicals or situations that no longer look the way you got them. Some of these chemicals and situations include (but aren’t limited to) liquid silver polish, pools, hot tubs, and spas.
  3. Items damaged by misuse, mishandling (try not to wash the dishes with rings on) or poor maintenance (did you forget your jewelry in a pocket through the washing machine?)
  4. Silver items that have naturally oxidized. Why return it when you can clean it yourself? Silver naturally oxidize over time, turning blackish, and can be easily cleaned using a silver polishing cloth.
  5. Items that have been USED and/or damaged within the 100 days. We get it. You loved it. 
  6. Items returned after the 100 day period (duh.)



We’re all about making you happy. There are a few other things covered within our 15 day limited return policy. In these situations we are happy to replace or refund, but payment for return postage and replacement postage must be paid by the customer.
Here’s what’s covered in the 15 day limited return policy:

  1. You chose the wrong size (ring size, bracelet length or chain length.)
  2. You changed your mind, didn’t like it or ordered too many by accident!

One more thing about this; if the item has been personalised, we do require a 30% restocking fee as the item can’t be resold. We’ve got to melt it down to make something new.

What’s NOT covered:
1. Return postage and replacement postage fees.



For whatever reason you need to abort the mission, cancel that order and halt production on your personalized product, here’s what’s going to happen:

  1. If you get to us within 24 hours, we’ve got you. You can change your order or get a full refund.
  2. If you only manage to contact us outside of the 24 hours, unfortunately we do charge a 30% restocking fee as production has started.
  3. Once the product has shipped, there is no turning back. You are either accepting it (and hopefully learning to love it for who it is) or mailing it back with a 30% restocking fee.



So you want to return something. Here’s how you get cracking:

  1. Contact customer service at beleco.jewel@gmail.com and let us know of your intention and reason for return. Is it a quality issue, wrong thing, misspelling?
  2. One of our people will get back to you with instructions on how to ship your item back to us.
  3. Once we’ve got the good backs, a refund will be issued in the original form of payment.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. The item should be kept in the original condition in which it was received (obvi)
  2. We will send you our return address in the aforementioned follow-up email.
  3. Please provide us your tracking number and receipt for the product’s journey back.

Alright now you’ve got the details on how to get stuff back to us and for us to get you what you want in return! Please keep in mind, these policies can change so check back when making other purchases from BELECO. You can also always drop our customer service people a line is you have any questions or concerns we haven’t covered on this page.